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Lynda LaPorte

Edge of Paradise
ISBN: 1-59088-923-1 Trade Paperback Print Version
ISBN: 1-59088-097-8  E-book Version

Edge of Paradise  is a romantic suspense novel by Lynda LaPorte (a pseudonym of Lynda S Burch).

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        The harsh emotional anguish of the death of a child and the cold betrayal of a destroyed marriage lead Lori Paige to accept a research grant in the U.S. Virgin Islands. The warmth of the sun and the slow motion of Caribbean time lands Lori Paige's research not on the beach of tranquility but deep into an intricate weave of seduction, danger and the search for truth. She came to find peace and dive the peaceful waters to study abnormal fish deaths but instead found herself deeply involved in much more.

        Amid the wonder and beauty of the tropical paradise, both above and below the sea, Lori discovers the remarkable revival of a past love, enveloped by escalating danger. Coincidence reunites Lori with Hugh Richmond, the government agent who walked out of her life long ago. Now his sudden disappearance from the island forces her to take action. Lori must face her greatest fears to save herself and rescue the man destiny has placed in her path. Can she trust the undercover government agent whose disappearance broke her heart many years ago? Can she trust her own heart? Can she unravel the island's secrets? Can she find paradise, or is she only on the edge?

What the Reviewers are saying about EDGE OF PARADISE

An exciting thriller that will keep your adrenalin pumping! I could not tear myself away from the story! I had to know what would happen next! Here is an author that I am proud to recommend to everyone!    

Mary Higgins Clark fans should especially consider this story!


Reviewed by Detra Fitch-Huntress Reviews http://www.huntressreviews.com

With its bright and breezy style, Edge of Paradise is just such a tale as one might occasionally dream of penning into one’s vacation journal. A perfect tropical isle and a perfect season, friendly neighbors marred only by one overdressed and over-achieving femme fatale, a job one loves and a big, devoted dog, would seem to set the stage for a perfect working holiday. Throw in the irresistible male and you have the perfect tale of romance, but for the pesky disappearance of one’s data, and said irresistible male. There’s no fault to be found in the mystery. It is tight, and neat, and the heroine comes off actually looking like one, instead of mere decoration. Jake was wonderful, Lori believable and, though I thought Hugh a mite two-dimensional, it still worked.


Reviewed by Kaththea- Love Romances  http://www.loveromances.com

First time novelist Lynda LaPorte reveals a dazzling ability to combine suspense with romantic entanglements in this mesmerizing plot in Edge of Paradise, LaPorte magically weaves an exotic paradise background that conceals intense danger and intrigue. An excellent first novel, Edge of Paradise reveals a talented author to watch for.


Word Wrap: Book review by Cindy Penn  http://www.wordweaving.com

Edge of Paradise is a well-written story filled with suspense and some wonderful scenic descriptions of the Caribbean. Lori Page is a wonderful strong heroine who doesn't let anything get in her way. Hugh is a strong character, although he disappears for long periods of time. The dog Jake is a character that adds some fun times to the story. There are other wonderful secondary characters that add to the story and keep the pages turning. The ending is one that had me on the edge of my seat.


Reviewed by Hattie Boyd- Scribes World Reviews  http://www.scribesworld.com/reviews/

Edge of Paradise surprised me. With more depth and complexity than I personally have found in an e-book, I was hooked from the start. Don’t expect Edge of Paradise to be a quick read! More than 300 pages in length... the descriptive narrative and gritty suspense will keep you entertained for hours.


Reviewed by Tracy Farnsworth-The Romance Readers Connection http://http://www.romancereaders.com

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